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"This is a great, short read packed with great tips you can apply right now to immediately improve your life.  I collect a lot of these types of resources and I still got some new ideas from Mark.  I love the notion of a ‘no’ list, focusing on progress instead the end goal, and I have been thinking about his last question ever since I read it."


Karen Laidlaw, Master Leadership Facilitator


"Your book inspired me to declutter and like many other projects, my plan was to start small, but ended up blossoming into a huge project but at the end of the day I am feeling pretty good about the lack of clutter. Thanks for a great read!"


Joan Potter-Smith, Royal LePage Real Estate Servces


"Your style of writing makes complicated content quite easy to comprehend. I admire your openness in sharing your personal experiences, too. In all, I learned some valuable life strategies to simplify my life, especially from 'Optimizing Your Productivity' and 'Paying Yourself First' chapters. I found both were good reminders about making self-care a priority in order to have the wherewithal to take care of others."


Geri Berholz, Charity Consultant, Career Coach and Community Activist

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